The ability to juggle or practice juggling is one of the most under rated activities in soccer. The ability to juggle improves a players ball control, 1st touch, their ability to manipulate the ball with different surfaces of the foot, shooting (especially volleying), confidence in games when the ball is bouncing or coming out of the air and the list goes on....

Although you don't see players juggling down the field, the ability to manipulate the ball in the air can have a huge impact on a players overall ability in soccer, also given the fact the ball is in the air more in youth soccer due to a lower technical ability generally when passing, striking etc and over ambitious coaches playing long ball to win, players have to be competent when dealing with aerial balls, this comes from spending time juggling.

The key to juggling is patience, setting goals/challenges, time spent practicing & enjoyment. Players have to enjoy juggling, so at NSA we have different challenges, we have a leaderboard and we have video demonstration on how to get better.

*Please have the players forward the videos on to their coach to be featured on the Player Highlight page and also to make it on to our club leaderboard.


1. Basic Juggling

2. High/Low Juggling

3. Receiving + Juggling

4. Receiving + High/Low

5. Different Techniques to Start Juggling

6. Juggling Skills

Leaderboard Represents Total Juggles in a row without dropping the soccer ball.