Youth, Ages 6-10


During the NSA youth stage of player development, we introduce and help players develop an understanding of foundational concepts and core competencies. Training sessions are designed to be fun, yet challenging. Within this fun and engaging environment, players start learning the cognitive side of the game as well as the skills needed to assist in executing decisions.

This stage is for players from U8 to U10 and helps players take the next step in their soccer development. All players receive professional training from licensed coaches and participate in league and tournament play.

Players at this stage are introduced to both our unique Character Development Model and our Player Development Model. They will begin to learn the game within our unique soccer decision-making model which not only trains individual skill and ball mastery, but also trains a player’s decision-making ability.

While skill and decision-making are actively trained, it’s important to note that this is also a time when the players should be having fun at training and developing a love for the game.


2 x 1.5 hour training sessions per week for outdoor AND 30 minutes of Strength & Conditioning training on Monday nights at our Club's Nike turf training in Fall & Spring

August Back to School AND March Spring Break camps for 4 days

Winter indoor training once/week from November through March

16 League Games

8 - 10 Winter Indoor League Games

In-Person Player Evaluation

Access to Individual Player Development Resource Content

O → C → D → E → R  Player Development Curriculum


Mondays at Nike Park at 288 W. Diehl Rd.

2nd practice is either at Nike Park or may move to Frontier or DuPage River park for lights, as sunset gets earlier in mid September

Winter -Schedule is determined by the indoor leagues with The Naperville Yard  at 1607 Legacy Circle, Naperville and possible games at The Westmont Yard at 233 W. 63rd Street, Westmont



Home games at Nike Park at 288 W. Diehl Rd.

or at Frontier Park at 3380 Cedar Glade Dr.

Away games will vary by the league schedule and will be within the local area of approximately 15-45 minutes from Naperville