United Elite Soccer Club


United Elite Soccer Club

United Elite is comprised of 6 area Clubs that have partnered together to offer the most playing opportunities and experience  in the Chicago area. UESC is the newest version of the former emerging Talent Program previously operated by Chicago Fire Juniors. With the collaboration of former CFJ clubs, United Elite seeks to offer players the opportunity for additional competition and development.

Founded by many of the same leaders from Fire Juniors’ ETP, United Elite will offer a residential camp at Lake Forest Academy complete with the same high-level professional coaching and classrooms sessions focusing on technical development and personal development.

Program Overview

Players who are nominated for the program will have the opportunity to attend a 3-day residential training camp at Lake Forest Academy. Modeling the lifestyle of professional residential academy, the United Elite program will use the dormitory, classrooms, and sports facilities at Lake Forest Academy to facilitate the player’s learning on and off the field. At the camp, players will have an opportunity to compete on the field with both teammates and players for other clubs while also developing important social and psychological tools via team building, goal setting, and tactical analysis.

Given the camp is soccer-intensive, the down time for the players will include soccer-oriented activities such as watching a match or debating the latest news from the sport.

Showcase Team 
Players who excel on their team and/or perform well at camp will be selected for the United Elite.

Tournament Team 
This team will compete in an out-of-state tournament during the winter season. Selection is again competitive and based on both ability and positional needs.